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Lamica Realty
Property Management

You became a real estate investor to make money, not to be a landlord. 

Let us do the heavy lifting while you get paid.

Let us here at Lamica Realty manage & protect your property investment.

At Lamica Realty, we take property management seriously. Our property management services are not something we offer "in addition," to sales and acquisitions, instead, our property management offerings are a major part of what we do.


Lamica Realty Property Management is designed to be a seamless experience for our owners.  You became a real estate investor to make money, not to be a landlord.  Let us do the heavy lifting while you get paid.

Professional no-hassle management that delivers big results.

The Benefits of Partnering with Lamica Realty for Your Investment

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Transparent Fee Schedule

Our management fee is simple. Lamica Realty Property Management charges 10% of gross receipts. There is a one-time $200.00 set up fee per unit. You only pay that one time, regardless of how long we manage the unit. We do not charge a marketing fee, tenant placement fee, advertising fee, cost plus on repairs, etc. 10% of gross receipts is what you can expect to pay with Lamica Realty, no hidden or unexpected fees.

Holding Phones

Prompt Response

Excellent customer service is the standard at Lamica Realty Property Management. We are available 9:00AM-5:00PM on weekdays, and by appointment on Saturdays and Sundays. Our tenants can reach us on the company number after hours in the event of an emergency. Our owners have the number of our company broker/owner in the event of an emergency.

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Handling Maintenance Requests

When managing on their own, one of the more frustrating tasks investment property owners deal with is maintenance requests. We handle all incoming maintenance requests for our owners. We have a dependable group of tradespeople that can quickly and effectively respond to the needs of our tenants.  If the estimated job is above a set amount, this is discussed with our owners before proceeding, otherwise, we handle it without bothering them.

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Tenant Screening

Quality tenant screening is incredibly important when it comes to ensuring a property is profitable. Each prospective tenant undergoes a thorough credit, background, and previous residence check.  Additionally, we verify the employment of our tenants.

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Online Payments & Statements

We use the latest property management software, Buildium. This software allows for both a tenant portal (for payments, maintenance requests, etc.), and an owner portal (for payments, statements, etc.).

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Industry Leading Marketing Tools

We are local professionals who live, work, and play in North Alabama.  We want to see this area grow and thrive.  One way we can help make this happen is through a healthy and strong rental market.  We aggressively market your property by pricing it properly and making it available on dozens of local and national websites.

What We Do For Our Investors

We offer full range of benefits when it comes to protecting and managing your investment. We do the heavy lifting when it comes to day to day issues that keep your investment performing smoothly.

We are committed to your success as an investor.

At Lamica Realty we pride ourselves at always being up to date with the Huntsville/Madison County real estate market. After all, it’s our home too! Whether you are just starting to invest in real estate or you already have a vast portfolio, we are equipped to handle your needs.


If you are looking to purchase investment properties or maybe you want to liquidate your investments for top dollar, no matter the need we will make sure your transactions are handled with the utmost care and skill.

Darrell S.

"You will not find a group that will work harder for you than Lamica Realty. I have had the opportunity to see first hand the hard work they will put in even for people that are not their clients. Highly recommend them for your real estate or property management needs."
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